Welcome to the SFES Library!  
Dear Stupendous Stallions,
From the library, I just want to say how much we miss you - the books miss you too, but there are MANY ways you can stay engaged with us and keep reading!  I also encourage you to keep a journal.  What are you doing to stay busy?  What are your thoughts, challenges, and feelings during this unique time?  How are you engaging with the people in your life - family, friends and community?  Feel free to reach out to me with any library questions, photos of 'distance learning' or to share your most recent favorite read -  I will be updating the library photo gallery to include photos of our community 'distance learning' during the coming weeks.  This could be anything from learning math in the kitchen to reading to taking care of your home to going on a virtual field trip.  I can't wait to see how all of you are engaging while 'social distancing!'
There are so many FREE online resources to keep you all reading and engaged during this unexpected school closure!  Make sure to check out the Collierville Burch Library page and the 40 Book Challenge page for updates as well!  The links are on the right.
Here are a few LINKS to get you started!
Tennessee R.E.A.D.S - Access eBooks and audiobooks.  No library card, no worries!  You can register for a card online!
Meet Libby! - Another way to access public library resources with an app that will download books directly to your tablet.
Virtual Field Trips - There are so many out there, and I believe this article includes the best of the best all in one place!  Where will you go today - the "jelly-cam" at the Monterey Bay Aquarium or The National Museum of Natural History or The Louvre in Paris?!?
TEL4U - Don't forget this wonderful resource to research, learn, and explore!  You may access the World Book through the Look It Up! icon.
Our Destiny Discover catalog can be found here, and access to Destiny Collections can be found here. Students may access the Schilling Farms Library eBooks by using the Destiny app in their Classlink.
Stay tuned for read-alouds, book reviews, and more enrichment activities coming soon!
Even though March is coming to a close, we would like to continue reading across our great states!  I will be posting an updated map soon.  E-mail me with any books you read from a specific state at  I am reading one set in Vermont right now - Small Spaces by Katherine Arden - it is spooky!!!
Happy Reading!
Ms. McGill
Optional activities to go with read aloud of Wet Cement: A Mix of Concrete Poems by Bob Raczka:
1.  Send Mrs. Edgerton an e-mail to add this book of poetry to your 40-Book Challenge at
2.  Write a concrete poem of your own.  Take a picture of it and e-mail it to Ms. McGill at
3.  Listen to the first poem in the book again, Takeoff.  What inventor(s) is Mr. Raczka writing about when he says, "Wright on course" and "Wright back down?"  Do a little research and send me 3 interesting facts about the inventor(s). One great resource would be the World Book online through the Tennessee Electronic Library.
4.  The poem on page 24 is called orbiting and ends with the words, "as the Earth revolves around the sun."  What other planets orbit around the sun?  Choose one to research and send me 3 interesting facts about that planet.  Two great resources are the Lightbox books in Destiny and the World Book online through the Tennessee Electronic Library.
Read below to learn about this year's exciting way SFES will be reading across America.  A list of suggested titles that we have in our library will be coming to this page soon!  Books that are not on the list may be submitted as well.  
March may have come and gone, but we can continue this challenge at a distance!  Please send titles of books that you read that are set in a specific state to Ms. McGill at