Welcome to the SFES Library!  
Remote Lessons - Week of February 15-19, 2021
Pre-K through 2nd Grade - We have been reading books from the VSBA Primary Nominee List and voting each week on the books we read.  Read-alouds for this weeks books can be found by clicking on the book covers below.  Students in Pre-K - 2nd Grade who send me their vote will be entered for their favorite of these two titles, The Proudest Blue or Drawn Together, will be entered into a drawing for a gold coin for the book vending machine.
3rd - 5th Grades - Mars rover Perseverance is scheduled to touch down tomorrow.  Check out the links on the Mars Choice Board below to learn more about the red planet and this expedition. 
What's Happening in the SFES Library!
In person SFES students are visited once a week for lessons with the librarian.  Grades 1-5 have begun checking out books.  Students in grades 2-5 are selecting their book by placing a hold through our Destiny system.  Books are delivered later that day or the next day, time permitting.  1st graders are selecting their book from a collection brought to their classroom during library time.  Once returned, books are quarantined for 72 hours before they are made available for re-circulation.  We will expand this offering as time permits during the school year.  See below to learn what students are doing during library time!
Virtual students may not check out a physical book at this time but should have full access to our Destiny system and the ebooks offered there.  We have added about 100 books to the ebook shelf in the last 6 months!  Read below for information on accessing these books.
If you are part of the Virtual Academy, there are so many FREE online resources to keep you all reading and engaged.  Here are a few:
Tennessee R.E.A.D.S - Access eBooks and audiobooks.  No library card, no worries!  You can register for a card online!
Meet Libby! - Another way to access public library resources with an app that will download books directly to your tablet.
Virtual Field Trips - There are so many out there, and I believe this article includes the best of the best all in one place!  Where will you go today - the "jelly-cam" at the Monterey Bay Aquarium or The National Museum of Natural History or The Louvre in Paris?!?
TEL4U - Don't forget this wonderful resource to research, learn, and explore!  You may access the World Book through the Look It Up! icon.
Our Destiny Discover catalog can be found hereStudents may access the Schilling Farms Library eBooks by using the Destiny app in their Classlink.  
Happy Reading!
Ms. McGill