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Wishtree Activities

Welcome to the Wishtree optional activities page!  We hope you are enjoying the story!  You can read more about Katherine Applegate here.  Below are some optional activities to go along with the book.  We hope you will share your work with us.  We would love to share some of the submissions in a gallery on this page, so please let us know if you do NOT want your activity posted.
Chapters 1-3
In these chapters, we were introduced to the narrator Red.  What do you think Red looks like? Draw a picture of Red or write a paragraph telling what Red looks like.  We hope you will share your drawings and thoughts with us!  You can e-mail your activities to Ms. McGill at  
Chapters 4-6
In these chapters, Red tells us about how trees get their names as well as how crows and other animals get their names.  What is your name?  Does it have a special story?  What does it mean?  Ask your parents to share the story of your name and share it with us.  E-mail activities to Ms. McGill at
Chapters 7-10
In these chapters, Red tells us about his community, what their homes look like and the animals and people who are a part of this community.  What does your house look like?  What does your community look like?  Who is in your family or community.  Draw a picture illustrating your community or home and the people in your life or write a paragraph telling about your community.  Don't forget to share your activity with us by e-mailing Ms. McGill at
Chapters 11-13
In these chapters, something sad happens to Red.  What happens?  Tell us about it.  What do you think the word means? 
Chapters 14-16
In the beginning of chapter 14, Red describes the two houses he shades.  What color are they?  What do we know about what they look like? Where is Red in the picture? Draw a picture of this setting. 
In chapter 15, Red talks about Francesca's "family lore."  Red is talking about stories from Francesca's family history.  It might be a story about a parent or grandparent or even an aunt or uncle.  Share a story that is part of your family lore.
Chapters 17-19
At the end of chapter 19, Red says that he sees a wish in Stephen's eyes.  What do you think that wish is?  Make a prediction about that wish and what you think might happen next in our story.
Chapters 20-21
In this section, we learn quite a bit about Red's residents, the animals that live in and around him.  Which is your favorite?  Is it Bongo the crow?  Is it one of oposum babies or one of the raccoon babies (You, You, and You)?  My favorite is Flash :)! Draw me a picture of your favorite or write a few sentences to tell me your favorite and why.
Chapters 22-24
Red and Bongo have tried two plans to get Samar and Stephen together, to become friends.  We don't know yet if the 'playing dead' plan will work.  Tell me if you think this plan will work and why or tell me what you think would be a better plan.  Write it down  or make a video telling me your idea and send it by e-mail or replying to one of my announcements on Seesaw.
Come back next week explore more of Wishtree!