40 Book Challenge!

This time of distance learning is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on your reading!  Mrs. Edgerton has the 40 Book Challenge folders, and would love to log your reads.  We will be posting the names of students as they complete their challenge.  If you would like to work on your challenge as part of your distance learning, e-mail Mrs. Edgerton at ledgerton@colliervilleschools.org with any questions and any books completed.  Please include the title of the book, the author of the book, and what category it will fit in if you know.
If you have completed the 40 Book Challenge, and your picture is already on the wall at school, and you are NOT on the list below, please e-mail Mrs. Edgerton ASAP so we can add it!  
I met the SFES 40 Book Challenge!
Pranav Hiremath - Ms. Hearn's 3rd Grade
Benjamin Ramos - Mrs. Ray's 4th Grade
Mrs. Bailey's Kindergarten Class!
Kaavya Saraswat - Mrs. Cunningham's 2nd Grade
Prahasith Chandu - Mrs. Rutledge's 4th Grade
Ayaan Afzal - Mrs. Bilbrew's 2nd Grade