Della Coleman » Music Room: Where the Magic Happens!

Music Room: Where the Magic Happens!

At Schilling Farms Elementary school I focus on an enriching and fun music program. Students have the chance to perform together, play musical games, and create music of their own. In my music classroom we focus on singing, playing pitched percussion and unhitched percussion, and understanding basic notation which will allow students to read and write music of their own. If my job is done right, our kiddos will be able to pursue music on a higher level as they move on to middle school and high school!
I have been an educator for two years. I first started my teaching careers as the assistant band director at Houston High School before I had the honor of joining the Schilling Farms Elementary Family. I am excited to be starting this new adventure with the SFES staff! My young students are excited and passionate about music and I hope to serve them well as they grow and learn through music. Please explore my web pages as we continue throughout the year for a closer look at what we do in the classroom and for upcoming events!